The Light

by Lori Hoeck

This poem came rushing out of me last year when I first explored the world of blogging. I posted it on in response to many sad posts I read during a series of blog searches on personal growth and adversity.

The Light

The darkness called;
I followed, falling,
down into the underneath,
and lay ripped, shredded, torn.
In pain wracked, I reeked,
oozing bile-filled blood.
The darkness played music,
of fear and self-hatred,
until I danced ugly to the tune.
I heard my voice screaming,
“Give me one, not-dark thing!”
And there it was.
A pen-thin beam of sunlight,
stabbing the darkness.
Its smallness did not matter,
because its strength was in its source.
I followed the beam, eyes only for it,
until the darkness fell behind,
Soon came the sun, healing and warm.
I sat down and cried, releasing it all.

“If you can’t find the light, may it find you.”

Thank you for visiting,
Lori Hoeck

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