Way of the Dark Heart

by Lori Hoeck on June 8, 2009


The body and words spoke promise,
confirming this one could be trusted.
Lures sparkled in the eyes and smile.
Seduction of the uninstructed.

It seemed so easy, so natural,
a hand-in-glove fit soul to soul.
I never saw the spider’s web
that would someday take its toll.

It all seemed perfect and exciting,
the sweet dance of conversation.
I never knew it was just a harvest
– a smoothly slow initiation.

But then came a first awakening –
the bite and strike came fast.
I was left dazed, confused;
the easy smiles forever past.

It seemed so awkward, so wrong,
and constantly my own fault.
I was a horse led by reins,
someone else choosing go or halt.

I walked on eggshells lightly
with constant uncertainty squared.
Denial was my other self,
as I finally paid the fare.

Somehow, some way came sanity.
I walked away … and fast.
The scars are faded now,
and my heart is free at last.



For information on emotional self defense and how to deal with Dark Hearts, visit my other website, Think Like a Black Belt — especially for these short articles: “Defense Against the Dark Hearts” and “Signs and Traits of Emotional Predators.”

Thank you for visiting,
Lori Hoeck

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Barbara Swafford June 8, 2009 at 11:58 pm

Hi Lori,

What a beautiful poem. I really like the part where you say, “I never knew it was just a harvest
– a smoothly slow initiation.” That’s how the dark hearts “get us”, don’t they?

Thank goodness we can free ourselves. Unfortunately we often suffer pain until then.

Lori Hoeck June 9, 2009 at 6:43 am

Hi Barbara,
It’s like they have distraction down pat so they can do their more subtle work with a verbal sleight of hand.

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