My taste buds compel me to tell you about Tanka Bars

by Lori Hoeck on January 15, 2010

I’ve never had an ad on my websites, but I’ve discovered something worth shouting about — Tanka Bars.

Having grown tired of carb-laden snacks, sugary snacks, and filler snacks, I wished for something else. My body and mind prefer a certain boost I get from protein. Cheese is great but too many calories. And taking time to fix a meal with chicken or beef, or having to “nuke” leftovers, wasn’t so much fun.

Enter the Tanka Bar! My newest food hero. Tanka Bars are an outrageously tasty, healthy, and fun snack food.

The Tanka Bar is an Authentic Native American Food, made from  historic Lakota recipe combining tasty, satisfying buffalo and sweet-tart cranberry. Yes, buffalo!

I’ve been cooking with ground buffalo for months and love jerky, so I wondered how the Tanka Bar would taste.

From the first bite, the Tanka Bar hit me with one strong thought: This tastes great — like real food. The chewy blend of flavors satisfied my taste buds and a comfort food need.

To my delight, I realized this was like no snack bar I’d ever had. It didn’t taste like something store-bought or pumped with artificial junk. Not too sweet. None of that slight aftertaste that comes with most packaged foods.

I tried two types of Tanka Bars, the regular and the Spicy, Pepper Blend. My family all liked the spicy. That doesn’t mean it’s really spicy, though. A relative who doesn’t usually like things spicy, now raves over the perfect blend of snappy, flavor-laden goodness.

In the bar are 7 grams of protein, only 70 calories, and zero grams of trans fats.

This food-snack is great for:

  • Firefighters and EMS people who need more than a candy bar to keep going
  • Parents who need a quick boost without having to fix a snack
  • Anyone into physical training, sports enthusiasts, or lunch-break exercise folks
  • Senior citizens, kids, adults who may not normally choose healthy snacks
  • Survival kits at home or in the car
  • At work, when the candy machine might otherwise call
  • For a quick, out-the-door snack when you’re on the go

Please check out the Tanka  Bar website for more information by clicking on the running image to the right.

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