No S.O.P.A.

by Lori Hoeck on January 18, 2012

Here’s a set of lyrics against SOPA

Let the Buffalo Roam
by Lori Hoeck

Micro-managers be gone!
No more regulatory chains.
The internet’s ours–
a new frontier for our brains.

Don’t let them in
“Keep your grubby paws off!”
When government steps in
There’s more red tape than trade-off.

Entrepreneurs must be free
—products speak for themselves.
Don’t let bureaucrats guarantee
progress remains on the shelf.

I’m don’t want a Wild West,
just a place the buffalo roam,
where seldom is heard of a censored word
and I can still make money from home.

Creativity abhors control.
We don’t need stifling laws.
Freedom is a God-given right.
Yes, we will fight for the cause!

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