Criminalizing Freedom

by Lori Hoeck on September 30, 2013

Criminalizing Freedom

You know you want it
You know it’s true
You know you love it
When others think for you.

“The name’s BLOOMBERG — I’ll help you out
“I’ll put the ring firmly in your snout
“‘Cause I got all the power and the riches
“To make you all my collective bitches.”

Rounded up just like a herd
Fenced in, branded, made to serve
Told what to do and where to go
Because “BLOOMBERG saves,” don’t ya know?

Heed The BLOOMBERG — he’s so wise
Be controlled by what he’ll criminalize
Salty fries, drink size, sugary pies
A dictatorship you willingly legitimize.

Nothing’s hard in the New York stockyard
You’re fed and watered, only liberty’s slaughtered
Contained, maintained, your brain restrained
Learn to love it! — you’re now BLOOMBERG trained.

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