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Ancient Song


“Dividers. Haters. Us vs. them”–
The song’s been sung forever.
Its tune appears right and clear,
But the words can only sever.

Tyrants–by might or guile–
Lie softly to turn hearts dark,
To kill the ties that bind,
To give mistrust its spark.

Tyrants require enemies,
To keep themselves in power,
Scapegoats hung out to dry,
For followers to hate, devour.

A crisis can’t be wasted.
A scab not ripped and torn.
Emotions must be managed,
Liberty left unmourned.

What song do you dance to?
Is it mind-numbing sweet?
Do your feet seek freedom,
Or march to another’s beat?

Can you sing a better song–
One that heals a rift?
Can you link arm in arm,
Instead of raise a fist?

Copyright © 2014 Lori Hoeck all rights reserved

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