Gonna grab me some boldness

by Lori Hoeck


Gonna grab me some boldness
And rip timidity to pieces.
Heart pumpin’, thumpin’ in my chest
My vision, my drive increases.

No map needed–North Star leads.
My compass is tried and true.
Freed feet race along the path
As hope fills my field of view.

My dreams are catchin’ fire–
A golden glow of possibility.
Throttle’s working, opened wide,
Rampin’ up my capability.

Abandon any chains or weights,
Soar, sing, trip the light fantastic.
Through flood, mud, blood
The will remains enthusiastic.

The journey provides strength–
Focus honed by adversity.
All I need, I already have.
My tank’s filled with tenacity.

Copyright © 2014 Lori Hoeck all rights reserved

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