No longer will I bow and scrape

by Lori Hoeck on May 15, 2014

Free to do and say and be
Free from the conformity
Arms stretching; dreams coalescing
Each dawn’s rise refreshing

No more data tracking or tests
Or trying to conform with stress
No human soul can be quantified
No master plan can be justified

No clipped wings hold me down
No more ears for hypocritical clowns
Stop pushing us into Matrix batteries
Stop the clucking, ducking quackery

No more games. No more rules
No regulations to make us mules
Gonna sing and dance and breathe
No longer a serf on obedient knees

Taking charge of my life, my choices
Hearing the call of kindred voices
I want to launch my ideas aloft
Laughing inside at those who scoff

Ride the winds of risk and chance
Plant my flag and take a stance
Making waves, making commotions
No longer going through the motions

Won’t live by your rules or regs
Or live off castoffs and dregs
My life’s my own to cut and shape
No longer will I bow and scrape

Free to live, free to choose
No longer taking a quiet snooze
My life’s my own to cut and shape
No longer will I bow and scrape


Copyright © 2014 Lori Hoeck all rights reserved.

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