Has Blood and Courage Dried?

by Lori Hoeck on July 8, 2014

Revolution and the Constitution
Born in the same fold of time,
When Kings and War Lords ruled
And real freedom was a crime.

Have we forgotten so soon?
Has blood and courage dried?
Is freedom’s heart no longer beating?
Is another truth now being tried?

Have Mao and Stalin replaced our guides,
And the State a plate off which to feed?
Are merit and character now obsolete?
Is “forced equality” now our creed?

I, for one, won’t go quietly to that place!
With the sword of Truth I stand unbowed.
Armored with Faith, Hope and Charity,
I use non-violent protest to stir the crowd.

Martin Luther King Jr’s spirit smiles,
Along with Gandhi and the powers of peace,
Nothing forged by man will stand against us,
As our pledge to duty and honor never cease.

So awaken all you still asleep!
Feel the chains entitlement brings.
Victim mentality never felt victory’s touch.
Forever-handouts clip your wings.

See beyond half truths and dancing words
Think from your gut and with your mind;
Question boldly and seek the Truth
Don’t be kept deaf, dumb and blind.

Adversity may come, but stay the course.
Our history is filled with heroes.
Take their mettle and make it yours,
Throw away political placebos.

The battle will be won, you’ll see,
But not with force or plot.
Values and principles will heal
In ways the sword cannot.

Copyright © 2014 Lori Hoeck all rights reserved

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